Sunday, April 13, 2008

New Expo

expo poster

expo @ DEI (photo by: xenowarrier)

We at coimbra@deviantART will have another expo, this time at the Informatics engineering department of Coimbra. From April 15th to May 15th.
Here's a quick poster i did really fast (5 to 10 minutes) in a break of school work.
Sorry for the short posts latelly, not it the mood, a lot in my mind...
(edit: added the photo of the expo)

Nós no coimbra@deviantART vamos ter outra expo, desta vez no Dep. de Eng. Informática de Coimbra. De 15 de Abril a 15 de Maio.
Aqui fica um cartaz rápido (5 a 10 minutos) que fiz num intervalo do trabalho das aulas.
(edit: adicionei a foto da expo)


Anonymous said...

Another expo? Great! If i'll pass by Coimbra, i'll try to watch it!

Don't worry about your short posts...

There are several times that we're not in the mood, with too many things to think about ^^

Take care


the-iguana said...


pass by Coimbra? lol i don't even know were you're from? *confused*


Anonymous said...

I'm like the wind... from everywhere i want to be!


the-iguana said...

lol ok...

Anonymous said...

oh! you're laughing! Great!

That's the way ... i like it!!! :-P


See ya!


the-iguana said...

awww, thanks ^^

maria antunes said...

I have tagged you!

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